AUTO FADAK Distributing Company is one of the Reliable Authentic Companies which is well-known for Customers as a Trustable Faithful OE Spare parts Distributor During last 15 years.


Also During last 3 years, AUTO FADAK Company has been Achieved the High Class Distributing Agency Authorization of EZAM Automotive Part Group (The Biggest Domestic Spare part Suppliers in IRAN that has the 15% stock share of IRAN KHODRO Co.

We recently succeed to achieve the sales agency of SNR (France) and BITRON (Italy).

  1. Fadak Part Co. established in 1999.
  2. Number of Customers recorded in our financial software:     1104 Customers
  3. We connected to all representatives of SAPCO and ISACO in whole entire Iran for years.
  4. Distribution Area Expand:      All Provinces in the Country.
  5. Distribution Cities:                  143 Cities.
  6. Agency Activation Group: Distributing 10 Groups of EZAM holding (The Biggest Domestic Spare part Suppliers in IRAN)


  • The BRANDS which have been Distributed via our Company During last 15 years :

·          ATE

·     BITRON

·     BOSCH

·          BUGICORD

·          COGEFA

·          CORTECO

·          GRAF 

·          GATES

·          JURID

·          KLEBER

·          LPR

·          LIZARTE

·          METELLI

·          SNR

·         SUFABEX 

·         TOTAL

·        VALEO 

·         VERNET






Fadak Part enjoys a modern system of sales and distributing.